Is my order ready for collection?

  • Orders containing "Available" and "Available with limited qty" books are usually ready for collection after 5-7 working days
  • If it is ready, we will send you an email notification stating the earliest possible collection date
    • However, there are cases where our notification went to Spam folder or may not be delivered due to unknown reasons
    • If you do not receive any email notifications after 7 working days, please do the following steps
  • To check if your order is already at shop:
    • Go to My Orders page
    • Locate your order and click “View Order Details
    • Under Activity Log section, you can see if your books are already at shop
    • Please take note of collection date, which may be different from activity date
    • For example: activity date is 15 June 2015 but collection can only be done 16 June 2015 onwards
  • If your order is not at shop yet:
    • For orders containing "Available" and "Available with limited qty":
      • If it has not been 5 working days, please wait until 5 working days after payment date
      • If it has been 5 or more working days since payment date, contact us at for assistance
    • For Restocking/Special Order/Pre-Order items:

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