I have not received my orders yet

If you purchased Restocking, Special Order or Pre-Order items:

  • Fulfillment time will not be within 7 working days
    • Restocking items may take 2-4 weeks to fulfill. Some Restocking titles may take longer than 4 weeks
    • Special Order items may take 3-5 weeks to fulfill. Some Special Order titles may take longer than 5 weeks
    • Pre-Order items are usually fulfilled within 7 working days from Publication Date
  • If it has past the usual fulfillment times stated above, then, check order status from My Orders page
  • Locate your order and click “View Order Details”
  • Check order status to see if it’s been sent to shop or dispatched with tracking number
  • If status is still showing as BO, please email us at customers@opentrolley.com.sg for latest estimated fulfillment date

If you purchased Available or Available with limited qty items:

  • Working days are Mondays to Fridays excluding Public Holidays
  • Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays are not counted as working days
  • If it’s not been 7 working days:
    • Your order may still be processed
    • Please wait until after 7 working days
  • If it’s been 7 working days:
    • Check My Orders page
    • Locate your order and click “View Order Details”
    • Check Activity Log section to see if your order has been dispatched out or sent to shop

      • If it’s dispatched out:
        • You can find tracking number next to your order number
        • Or you can find out collection date by clicking “2 QUANTITY(S) ARE MARKED AS DISPATCHED”
      • If books have not been dispatched out:

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