I need books urgently. Can I get them earlier?

As far as we would like help you, it is unfortunately not possible.
  • Our fulfillment time for "Available" and "Available with limited qty" items are around 7 working days, barring unforeseen circumstances
  • Even when you choose self-collection, fulfillment time will still be around 7 working days, barring unforeseen circumstances
  • We regret that we cannot fulfill books quicker than this standard fulfillment time because we import most books on-demand
  • Expedited shipping (at additional cost) is not available
  • Please note that we do not stock unpaid books in our office or collection point
  • If you need books for important events, we suggest you purchase them at least 10 working days before the required date

Important Note

Although fulfillment time for "Available" books is usually within 4-7 working days:

  • We cannot guarantee that we can fulfill within the most optimistic estimate of 4 working days
  • To be on the safe side, you would need to assume fulfillment time of 7 working days (barring unforeseen circumstances)

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