What is your delivery/fulfillment time?

Fulfillment time depends on book’s current stock status rather than delivery option you choose.

Fulfillment time for Home/Office Delivery is the same as Self-Collect option. However for time-sensitive orders, we strongly recommend that you choose Self-Collection.

Please take note that while the estimates below are largely accurate, there are cases where actual delivery takes longer than these estimates.

Status Estimated Fulfillment Time
In Stock Usually fulfilled within 4-7 working days
Low Stock Usually fulfilled within 4-7 working days
Restocking Usually fulfilled in 2-4 weeks but some Restocking titles can take longer than 4 weeks.
Special Order Usually fulfilled in 3-5 weeks but some Special Order titles can take longer than 4 weeks.
Pre-Order Usually fulfilled within 7 working days from publication date. Take note that publisher may change publication date of a pre-order title without prior notice

Working days are Mondays to Fridays excluding Public Holidays.

Public Holidays in 2015 according to MOM: http://www.mom.gov.sg/employment-practices/leave-and-holidays/pages/public-holidays-2015.aspx

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